Do I need a bookkeeper if AI can do my bookkeeping?

In an era where software companies are aggressively marketing their AI (artificial intelligence) -driven bookkeeping solutions as the end-all for small business financial management, there’s an important question to answer: Will anyone need a bookkeeper in the future?...

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Should my business register for VAT?

Value added tax (VAT) is a tax added to most products and services sold by VAT-registered businesses.  Business have to register for VAT if their VAT taxable turnover is more than £90,000. They can also choose to register if their turnover is less than £90,000....

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How to choose the right accountant?

Why It Matters Picking the right accountant is super important. They help you make smart money decisions and keep you away from trouble. You want someone who’s not just good with numbers but also someone who really gets your business. 1. Ask People You Know Start by...

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Will AI replace accountants?

Hey there, savvy business owners! You're probably hearing a lot about artificial intelligence (AI) these days. It's everywhere, and it's certainly making waves in the world of accounting. But here's the burning question: is AI going to replace your trusted accountant?...

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Do you need an accountant more than once a year?

Just like the popular saying, "A dog is for life, not just for Christmas," the same goes for your accountant. It's a common myth that accountants are like holiday decorations, brought out once a year for tax returns and then put away. Let's unwrap this misconception...

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4 reasons not to do your self-assessment tax return

As a small business owner, you may be used to taking the DIY approach. After all, you’re most likely a marketer, financial director, HR manager and payroll administrator, to name but a few of your many responsibilities. However, although your business may be small,...

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7 things you didn’t know your accountant could do

Discover the valuable services your accountant can provide beyond taxes. From strategic planning to debt management and efficiency improvement, an accountant can support your business growth and help you achieve your goals. Did you know that your accountant can do...

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Tonbridge Accountants – Launch Party 30th January 2020

Thank you so much to everyone that came to celebrate with us at our firm’s launch party with some amazing food by Ben Sulston, vegan lemon drizzle cake with our branding on top and cupcakes from Glorious Little Cakes, a glass of bubbly and beer. Special thanks to Sam...

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Accounting Date for Sole Trader

As a sole trader you will prepare a set of accounts for your business and use these as the basis for your tax return. The tax year for individuals always runs from April 6 one year, to April 5 the following year, but you select your own annual accounting date for the...

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Registering as a Sole Trader

If you earn more than £1,000 from self-employment during the tax year, you are required to register with HMRC for self-assessment. Registration must be completed by October 5 in your business's second tax year or you could be liable to a fine. Registration is quite...

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“Tonbridge has freed me to be creative and do what I love”


“In my fast paced life of juggling home and business, a team of competent professionals is of paramount importance to keep everything running smoothly.

Having Tonbridge Accountants on my team has been a life changer – no longer do I have bills piling up and accounting matters falling behind. The team at Tonbridge has freed me to be creative and do what I love, whilst they keep track of all my bookkeeping needs and any official accounting administration.

Peace of mind regarding financial administration has flowed into more time to love my family, pursue my vision and build my business.”

Tammy Jackson