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Personal Tax Returns

Be law-abiding by filing your taxes properly with us.

We’ve got your taxes covered!

Whether you’re self-employed, a high earner, own rental property, or have investment income, we’ll handle your self-assessment tax return.

As chartered accountants, we offer a full suite of services, including tax planning consultations and clear explanations of complex matters.

Feel confident and informed about your finances.

Contact us today for expert assistance!

New Business

Congratulations on starting your own business!

We’re here to help you succeed. Our services include:

  1. Business model and plan development.
  2. Choosing the right business structure.
  3. Setting up cloud accounting and bookkeeping software.
  4. Cash flow management.
  5. HMRC registration.
  6. Accounts and tax return preparation.

Don’t wait until your first accounts are due—call us now for expert assistance.

For freelancers, we understand your unique challenges and are ready to support you.

Growing Business

Get rid of your business’ accounting headaches with us.

We’ve got you covered with our services:

  1. Payroll and CIS Management for your growing team.
  2. Director’s pay, dividends, and personal tax assistance.
  3. VAT registration and VAT returns submissions.
  4. Valuable management accounts for informed decision-making.
  5. Budgeting and forecasting to map your path to success.
  6. Expert guidance on tax implications for raising finance.

Get in touch today to fast track your finances and prepare for growth!

“Proactive, responsive and with exceptional customer service”


“Tonbridge Accountants are like no other accountants I have used. Proactive, responsive and with exceptional customer service. I would recommend them to anyone.”

Crush Build Limited

How We Do It

Our three-step process begins with a discovery call, where we get to know you and your business, your passion, goals, and pain points.

We then create a bespoke solution that includes a plan to get the right structure and sort out your financial basics, including VAT, PAYE, and tax deadlines, and set you up with the right tech stack apps to help you save time and keep track of your money.

Finally, we help you grow your business to the next level by giving you access to our toolkit and advice, and we’re flexible with our support outside of traditional business hours.

“she’s made things really easy and simple to do”


“I met Wendy in 2019 at a mums only networking event in Sevenoaks. Since then she’s been invaluable to me.

She’s kept me informed of the documents and records I needed to file my very first tax return.  She’s also offered practical advice on expenses for example.

Working together she’s made things really easy and simple to do.  I’m delighted with the service and her fee structure.

I highly recommend Wendy and Tonbridge Accountants if anyone’s looking to grow in 2023.”

Freya, Digital Ad Doctor

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of clients or industries do you serve?
We proudly serve a diverse range of clients across various industries. Our expertise extends to start-ups, small businesses, sole traders, limited companies, freelancers, micro businesses, and individuals. We understand the unique financial needs and challenges that different clients and industries face, allowing us to provide tailored solutions to meet their specific requirements.
How easy is it to switch accountants?

Switching accountants is a seamless process when you choose our firm. We handle the transition smoothly by gathering the necessary information from your previous accountant, ensuring a hassle-free switch. Our team is experienced in assisting clients with transferring their financial records and providing the support you need during the transition.

Can you explain your fee structure and how it works?

We offer transparent monthly subscription plans for our accounting services. This approach provides you with predictable costs and flexibility. Unlike hourly or per-service charges, our all-inclusive plans give you ongoing access to our services without hidden fees. During the initial consultation, we’ll discuss the pricing details and assist you in selecting a plan that aligns with your needs and budget.

How much does your accounting services cost?
The cost of our accounting services varies depending on several factors, such as the scope of services you require, the size of your business, and the complexity of your financial situation. We offer customised solutions to meet your specific needs and budget. During our initial consultation, we’ll assess your requirements and provide a detailed breakdown of the costs involved, ensuring transparency and alignment with your financial goals.
I am already using accounting software for my business, do I still need an accountant?
While accounting software has its benefits, it’s crucial to understand the implications of relying solely on it for your financial management. The principle of “garbage in, garbage out” highlights the potential problems and inaccuracies that can arise if the software is not properly configured or if inaccurate data is entered. By solely relying on software, you may miss out on the critical analysis, error identification, and valuable insights that an accountant provides. Partnering with an accountant ensures accurate financial management, safeguards against errors, and enables informed decision-making for your business.

“they became a trusted source of advice and guidance”


“When I first approached Tonbridge Accountants, I was facing the daunting task of handling my company tax return. As a small business owner with limited knowledge of finance, each envelope from HMRC filled me with fear and uncertainty.

However, my experience with Tonbridge Accountants has been truly transformative. Not only did they expertly handle my accounting requirements, but they also became a trusted source of advice and guidance. They understood that finance wasn’t my area of expertise, and they patiently answered all my questions.

Through their support, I not only gained confidence in meeting my accounting obligations, but I also learned to understand the numbers behind my business. Wendy took the time to explain what those numbers meant and how they impacted my operations.

Now, I no longer fear having blind spots in running my business. I have a knowledgeable partner I can rely on to help me navigate the financial landscape. By outsourcing the practicalities of managing my accounts to Tonbridge Accountants, I have freed myself from the stress that comes with it.

Moreover, I have gained a clearer understanding of the financial aspects I need to keep an eye on. Wendy has empowered me to incorporate those numbers into my strategic thinking, helping me make more informed decisions for my business’s growth.

I can confidently say that I wouldn’t have reached this level of understanding and peace of mind without the invaluable help and expertise of Tonbridge Accountants.”

Nancy Powell, Herd Ltd